One thought on “Donald Trump is losing it – Alex Pareene”

  1. My reply:

    Obama Started It, Not Trump

    “It’s just rehashing ancient birther memes to growing howls of derision at this point.”

    Howls of derision usually refers to a mob, which has often proven to be wrong throughout history. Sorry, Obama started it, and he could easily finish it, but chooses not to, giving rich people like Donald Trump the chance to finish it for him by hiring investigators.

    Who ever heard of a president that orders his personal records sealed from the public (Executive Order 13489) after campaigning for openness and transparency? His administration works daily to stifle an investigation of his true birth certificate, with courts refusing to let anybody other than him or his close relatives request an official copy of it.

    So why doesn’t Obama request an official copy and show it to the People with a capital P, to shut the Birthers up? Let me play Kevin Pollak in A Few Good Men: Is the answer that he’s presumably got something to hide? So there’s nothing “ancient” about the “birthers”, and the issue is still fresh, especially if Obama is elected again. Maybe some diehard Birthers will still refuse to accept the real birth certificate, but the point is that it will provide details that can be checked by everybody, including the delivering physician, who can be interviewed, which would be a big breakthrough for Obama if he’s really what he claims, a native-born American citizen sitting in the White House.

    The PC media have conspired to bottle up the facts about Obama’s shady past, but too bad for them, the Historyscoper opens the bottle for all to see free in their browsers anytime, even if Pareene & co. refuse in their attempts to churn out yellow journalism and whip up the mobs in an attempt to silence truth seekers:

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