One thought on “NBC helps mainstream Trump’s Birther nonsense By Justin Elliott”

  1. My reply:

    The Burden of Proof Isn’t on Trump

    “Naturally, Trump took the opportunity to repeat the same-old “where’s the birth certificate” line that he’s been using for weeks. No new twist. Definitely no new evidence.”

    Sorry, the burden of proof isn’t on Trump, it’s on Obama, who suspiciously ordered his personal records sealed the day he took office despite his campaign promises of openness, while requiring everybody else to prove their identity all the time, and suffer X-raying at airports. Why doesn’t Obama produce a real birth certificate like Trump already has, complete with the name of the hospital, physician, etc.? Just like Trump says, maybe it’s got something on it that he doesn’t want the people to see, the People with a capital P whom he is the president of in the highest office in the country. Maybe it’s got something on it that disqualifies him from being eligible to be president, which if so so, might turn Obama’s presidency into the Dream Season of Dallas, where Pam wakes up and finds Bobby in the shower.

    In criminal law, when a person tries to conceal a body, he is presumed guilty of murder, not negligent homicide, see reruns of Deliverance. Obama’s hiding of his birth certificate doesn’t make Birthers into kooks, or their doubts into nonsense, but the opposite, and it makes Elliott into a propagandist not a journalist.

    Talking about evidence, Trump is just a little old quite smart billionaire, who makes more money in a day than Obama did in his life, and hasn’t even announced his candidacy for the presidency but already produced his birth certificate, so it’s Just An Idiot that’s again exposed as being a few bundles of bricks shy of a full load, like he is on the innocuousness of Sharia.

    The known facts of Obama’s shady partially covered-up past along with the main allegations that have not been proven or disproven yet are available free anytime from the world’s best history teacher, the Historyscoper, at

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