One thought on “Carville on Obama Muslim Myth: Don’t Pander to ‘Stupid People’”

  1. My reply:

    Sorry, but it’s the smart people who won’t call the game on Obama’s real faith yet. What kind of Christian president bows to Saudi king Abdullah, head of the most horrible repressive Sharia state on Earth? What kind of Christian president gives glowing speeches that Islam is the Earth’s most perfect religion, then claims he’s too stupid to convert to it? What kind of Christian president invites Muslim reps linked to the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House on Aug. 21 to open govt. agencies up to them and cut red tape to get them aid? The Muslim Brotherhood’s avowed goal is to subvert the U.S. and make it bow to Islam and Sharia. Speaking of Sharia, Obama supported a new Kenyan constitution enacting it despite how many non-Muslims it oppresses. Maybe he’s not too stupid after all, but thinks the American people are. Yes, Obama might think that Allah loves stupid infidels because he made so many of them, good one, Carver. As long as he’s in the White House it would be advantageous to Allah to dissimulate his real faith via the Muslim Taqiyya doctrine permitting lying to or fooling infidels to advance Allah’s cause. Not that Obama can be proven to be a Muslim in court, but who said to judge a tree by its fruit, Muhammad or Jesus? The place to scope Obama’s Muslim rabbit hole and see all the evidence pro and con is the Historyscoper’s free Obamascope at

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