One thought on “Graham raises questions about conversion with assertion that Obama is a Muslim”

  1. My reply:

    If a Christian converts to Islam, that’s one thing, he has submitted like Allah commanded him too,but when the reverse happens the Quran decrees death for him as an apostate and traitor to Allah. Yes, Islam claims the son of a Muslim as one of its own from birth, they aren’t given a chance to grow up and decide on their own, hence if Obama really renounced Islam for Christianity, why isn’t there a fatwa out on him? Answer: Muslims around the world know he’s one of them and is pulling the wool over the eyes of ignorant Yankee infidels. If Obama is a Christian, why did he snub Franklin Graham for a prayer breakfast to which Muslims were welcome? Why did he hold an iftar dinner where he gave a speech portraying Islam as the perfect religion, while simultaneously claiming to be too dumb to embrace it? Because he’s too smart to admit that he’s a secret Muslim, and is working straight out of the White House to advance the cause of Allah in the citadel of infidel democracy? I hope not, but if it later turns out to be true don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Maybe he’s just a wishy-washy agnostic with a foot in both camps, if so, he’s a fool playing with fire. The Historyscoper’s free Obamascope is still the best place to scope Obama’s Muslim rabbit hole to see how deep it goes, with hyperlinks to check every fact:

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