One thought on “Obama keeping public expressions of religion to a minimum – Michael D. Shear”

  1. My reply:

    How nice of Obama to stage an interfaith telephone call on his 49th birthday. Yes, he prays daily, five times daily 🙂 While there’s not enough evidence to prove it in court, the evidence is mounting that Obama is a secret Muslim who falsely claimed to be a Christian to get elected, and might one day come out openly after he leaves office. Like many Black Muslims, he might consider it an honest claim that he’s a Christian, with the implicit understanding that he believes Christ to be a Muslim who believes in Muhammad like he does. His many historically inaccurate and misleading statements painting Islam as the perfect religion might as well have been written in Saudi Arabia, and his support of Sharia in Kenya are telling. If he’s a Christian, he’s the weakest ever seen in high political office in America. Scope Obama’s history fast accurate and free and see how the facts add up at

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