One thought on “Is Obama a fucking moron, or is he criminally stupid? Or is he a fucking criminal?”

  1. I was a bit upset as I read Obama’s account of our nation. Now that I’ve had a bit of time to think it over I really want to see a blood-bath. I’m ready to explode over this outrage.

    Most people have no idea what Islam is, not generally, certainly not in its details. I know enough, though I’m not an expert in serious terms, to show anyone who cares to pay the slightest attention that Islam is a fascist political religion bent on world domination. It’s clear and obvious and in ever legitimate Islamic text, which any intelligent advisor to Obama could point out to him in an hour, or over the course of years, had he any inclination to know anything more than that he simply hates American people.

    I’m sick over this. I’m mostly sick that so many American people couldn’t care less about the truth, being fundamentally committed to being conformists, solid in their stupidities, determined to be “cool” with their friends.

    Sickening and disgusting. I want a blood-bath. I want these people to face punishment for what they do to our nation.

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