One thought on “Larry Elder President Obama, Make the Case for Afghanistan — or Get Out”

  1. My reply:

    The Taliban recruits from a giant pop. of 40 million Pashtun tribesmen, an inexhaustible supply, hence once the U.S. leaves don’t be surprised if they quickly take Afghanistan over again and set up horrible Sharia, and thank Allah for all the billions of U.S. equipment and infrastructure. At least, the Taliban are like Appalachian hillbillies, with no desire to expand their power outside their region, so they’re no threat to the U.S. They have harbored al-Qaida, but they’re Arabs and hence foreigners to them too, hence it’s not a given that they will do it again, but if they do it will help the U.S. by keeping them isolated where we can watch them and hit them with air strikes instead of wondering where they are. Hence every day Obama refuses to pull out he’s wasting time and resources. McChrystal should be used now to plan the invasion and regime change of Iran, making use of the freed Afghan troops among others. Too bad, he might have to wait for a new CIC, because Obama is more and more showing his colors. Imagine relying on Israel to do our work for us while making Muslims rich.

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