One thought on “Obama’s original sin on Afghanistan He didn’t want to be the antiwar candidate in 2008, and Afghanistan seemed like the perfect way to prove he wasn’t”

  1. My reply:

    Yes, Obama made a mistake letting the leftist anti-war Rolling Stone mag. influence U.S. military decisions and policy, but no damage has been done since Afghanistan is an unwinnable mission anyway, and now top general McChrystal is free for the critical mission we must win, namely, to plan the invasion and regime change in Iran and stop them from dragging the world into WWIII with their secret nuke program. We will always have leftists who pretend they’re against war except when it comes to Hitler, but they have never had the power to influence the U.S. on major decisions to protect its people unless our leaders let them, so forget them and whip out them rolling stone gathers no moss jokes instead. Iran is fast forming an axis of evil with the goal of destroying both Israel and the U.S., and as CIC Obama should quit stalling and task the Afghanistan troops with supporting the Iran invasion and let the blasted Taliban have Afghanistan.

    Most Americans are still ignoramuses about Islam and its horrible history that makes Hitler look like an innocent lamb, but it’s never too late to go back to school and learn the facts free online with the Historyscoper. To get started just click

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