One thought on “Obama administration sidelines religious freedom policy”

  1. My reply:

    While atheist Communist countries threaten all religion, Islamic countries threaten all religions other than theirs. They are even trying to lobby the U.N. into passing Sharia laws including criminalizing free speech under the guise of “defaming Islam”, and Islam appeaser Obama is sympathetic to this. The U.S. is the arsenal of freedom in the world, and has to take a stand against them both, not try to appease them. Islam is not just a religion, it is a political system and even worse, a total way of life that tells people what to think as well as do, and shouldn’t be allowed to hide behind religious freedom laws. Communism could be called a religion too, but we know it is a political system too. Just as the U.S. keeps Communists from immigrating because they seek the violent overthrow of our way of life, it needs to do ditto with Islamics, else it’s importing a dangerous Trojan Horse that can weaken it from within. It was only after Ted Kennedy’s misguided 1965 immigration act was passed that large numbers of Muslims began immigrating, and in the midst of Islam’s war on the U.S. either that law must be repealed or at least amended to reduce mass Muslim immigration to a trickle, else face disaster later. Study Islam’s history for yourself with the Historyscoper and see why Islam is not about equality but total superiority and political domination, and is hence incompatible with our way of life just as much if not more so than Marxist Communism:

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