One thought on “Towery: Americans Not Fooled by Obama’s Israel Stance”

  1. The Gaza blockade is legal under the 1909 London Declaration Concerning the Laws of Naval War, despite all the endless b.s. of anti-Israel propagandists just because it’s Israel doing it. It’s poor outnumbered surrounded Israel that Obama needs to unite the American people behind, not keep dithering with his soft spot for Islam making him blind. Turkey’s alliance with Syria and Iran and against Israel should give NATO the final excuse to throw it out and isolate it, not Israel. As for the so-called Palestinians, there is no such nationality, it’s a fake name for Muslim Arabs who are all part of the Ummah or Borg Hive centered in Mecca, and who kept Palestine undeveloped and depopulated until the Jews moved in and became reclaiming the desert. Even Yasser Arafat was born in Cairo. The only reason they hang on in Palestine is to exterminate Israel or at least achieve martyrdom and paradise trying. If they want peace in the Middle East it’s up to them to seek resettlement in some other part of the Ummah such as Egypt, Syria, Jordan, or even Turkey, else when they achieve martyrdom like in the Fake Freedom Flotilla, who really cares, they wanted it and they got it. There is no case for making the Israelis out as Nazis for boarding the flotilla that was trying to break the blockade in order to steer it to an Israeli port for inspection.

    See why history awards Jerusalem and environs to the Jews not Muslims at

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