One thought on “What’s missing in Obama’s National Security Strategy by Marc Thiessen”

  1. More and more, Pres. Obama is coming across as an inexperienced person who should have waited another 10 years to run, and is learning basic facts while in office instead of long before. With Islam he’s unfortunately still stuck in his childhood mindset of rosy memories at a mosque in Indonesia, despite the country groaning under the mental subjugation that makes even an attempt to quit punishable by death. His comments about defending a woman’s right to wear a veil, a symbol of male supremacy is revealing. In Sharia countries women caught in public without veils are arrested by Sharia police, and often beaten and raped in jail, with zero legal recourse. The Islamic Sharia supremacist intolerant mindset is totally at variance with the Western and particularly U.S. equality and freedom mindset, and as president he must rise above his childhood and recognize that Islam has always been at war with the U.S. and will always be, and it’s a question of which will win, not one of making the war go away by ostriching. How lucky he is to be an American – does it ever sink in?

    See how deep Obama’s rabbit hole goes with the Historyscoper’s free Obamascope:

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