One thought on “Disgracing America by Mona Charen”

  1. despite what our president does. Poor outnumbered surrounded Israel from day one sought to share their territory peacefully with the Arabs, but the latter’s anti-Semitism and hatred combined with Allah’s order to never give up one square inch of his territory to infidels made that impossible. If the Palestinians want the Gaza blockade dropped, they should first drop Islam. Failing that, why don’t they harp on Egypt to drop their end of the blockade and resettle them in their vast territory such as Sinai? Arabs are Arabs, they have no country of “Palestine”, it’s all part of the Islamic Ummah, which includes Egyptians, Turks, Persians, etc. – jeesh.

    See why history awards Israel to the Jews not Arabs:

    The rapid re-Islamization of Turkey threatens to make it the #1 threat to world peace, with a restored caliphate complete with nukes, combined with Muslim fifth columns in Europe. Keep up on the evolving threat daily with the Historyscoper:

    Is Obama a closet Marxist, closet Muslim, both, or neither? Find out how deep his rabbit hole goes with the Historyscoper:

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