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No to Racism

Why Racism Must Go, It Really Must Go

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Last Update: Feb. 13, 2018.

Let's say you are a village racist, and think white, black, yellow, brown, red, or whatever is right. Let me set you straight, the gloves come off, I'm gonna get you where you live. First let me give you a little science lesson, if you don't tune me out: there are no such things as races, science can't even define them, there's just inbred groups created by geographic isolation suffering from the effects of inbreeding, ask Jews about Tay-Sachs, blacks about sickle cell, and the old white European ruling family about idiocy and hemophilia. Ask Barack Obama's law school class about hybrid vigor when they elected him president of the Harvard Law Review on his way to becoming president of your whole blessed Ocountry.

Racism as an ism is intellectually bankrupt, and is just sad to see now. No, beyond sad. It's the Devil at work, the racist his dupe, his sad dupe. There's no Devil? Then who's been telling you it's all like a big race, and you have a number on your back, but we're all pretty much equally matched by somebody whose name starts with G, so he's just delighted to help you fix the race and win a big blue ribbon to paste on your dumbass face by killing off the other contestants, just sign over your non-existent soul first, start a new career with Dumbass Inc.? Maybe he even told you that God actually awarded the race to you before it even started, so let's get nuts, the house is burning down, the kids are sick sick sick, sick sick sick? You know what God really said? There never was a race, just a test.

A racist is not really picking a fight with his fellow man, he's picking a fight with God, because God made everyone, and called it good, actually very good, check your Bibles, and told everybody to be fruitful and multiply, to love your neighbor as yourself. To be a racist you have to believe that God only made your kind good, and that he somehow had a bad day and made some garbage, and later commissioned you to clean up his garbage, by murder, and all you have to do is control the government to make murder of the garbage a public good rather than a felony worthy of your own execution by the state, despite what the Bible says about when you kill your brother your life will become forfeit in this world, and God will judge you in the next. So what do you have to do to get around that? Ask Stalin, Mao and Hitler, millions already sadly did. You deny God and make the state God so that it can tell you what you want to hear, ultimately leading to subverting the state into Hell on Earth. Well I got news for you, straight from God: God doesn't make garbage. So get over it, you can't win, you're doomed to lose the final battle huge, and end up on the garbage heap of history along with them. Instead, get on the winners team now and dump the racist crap once and for all, and reboot your inner operating system so the rest of your precious One Life to Live Starring You will have a winning future, the key to success, give Him a call and it will really work out, and that applies even if you're an atheist, since you can't call Big Banger he blew up a long time ago and left God in charge.

And don't read me your Darwin, even he was talking about evolution of whole species, like cocka-caca-cockroaches, not devolution of the human species by racism and mass murder, how sad when people call other people cockroaches, the real ones would laugh if they could. And current evolutionists teach that modern humans originated in Africa about 200,000 years ago, and migrated from there to Europe and Asia about 70,000 years ago, and that the American aborigines arrived via the Bering Land Bridge about 16,500 years ago, hence we're all illegal immigrants here in America, listen to the birds sing, I love that sound. Worse for you racists, scientists have found that there is little genetic difference between the three main genome groups, African, Eurasian and East Asian. That's right, they are virtually indistinguishable genetically, other than minor differences such as skin color, which uses only six of 25K genes, and is obviously connected to penis size, right, the Hangover, Rated R, now playing?

What happened with race is that it isn't real, but those six genes stared people in the face all the time, so it became an unattainable ideal, like manhood and womanhood. And since the U.S. started out with white people running everything since day one in Jamestown in 1607, this ideal became an Impossible Dream of forever keeping the expanding country white no matter what, causing 400 years of Hell. To quote African-American writer James Baldwin, "As social and moral and political and sexual entities, white Americans are probably the sickest and certainly the most dangerous people of any color to be found in the world today." I think he went a little too far there, since it was way worse back in the white homelands of Britain and Europe, where white supremacists had the upper hand on all fronts, including the scientific front, until slowly but surely science started to figure it out, although too late to stop the white world from being filled with hatred, injustice and wars in an impossible dream of deleting most of the human gene pool in the name of civilization and progress, with no wise U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence with its we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal to restrain them. At least when white racism assumed its final form of naked barbaric genocide, the U.S. was finally shocked into waking up and kicking Hitler's ass, so why not keep on the right path and show the way to heal all grudges with the American aborigines, of which Mexico contains a large number? We have much that's worth preserving, but racism must go, it really must go.

That said, just because a person from a poorer country wants to immigrate to a richer country, that doesn't give him/her a free pass. Each country has the right to control its borders, and to set certain requirements for immigrants, such as their ability and williness to assimilate into the prevailing culture and ideology, along with many other considerations including allegiances to other governments, education, diseases, and criminal records. And it works both ways. A person refusing to assimilate or surrender an incompatible or hostile ideology or allegiance shouldn't be able to cry racism. Alas, they will try.

A footnote. White may not be right anymore, but whites are like anybody else and have a right to survive and thrive. Yes, it's okay to be white and to be want to live and breed with other whites. It's just not okay to oppress non-whites. It's also not okay for non-whites to oppress whites. Too bad, there's nothing I can do to stop racism by all groups. I just hope that non-whites don't try to burn civilization down to create a new non-white world, because civilization is too closely bound up with whites, and the result wouldn't be a new utopia but a new Dark Ages full of pain, want, and misery, setting civilization back a thousand years at least for nothing. Let's just all get along :)

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