1. My reply:

    ONE MODIFICATION CAN FIX EMAIL. I’ve been calling for this since day one, in vain. It’s a PASSWORD FIELD in the basic design, to go with Sender, Recipient, Title, etc. That way, you can end spam because you can give your password only to people you want to email you, and filter out everybody else. It will require all browsers to be extensively upgraded so that one can view incoming emails based on passwords submitted, including blank password, which defaults to the old system and allows anybody to email you like now, if you care to inspect the BLANK PASSWORD EMAIL BIN. ISPs may have to modify their software when it comes to storage. But once done, spam will be kaput.


    To: John Doe
    From: Fred Flintstone
    Title: Don’t Spam Me
    Password: Kowabunga

    In the browser, there is no “wrong” password. Every email is saved, grouped by password, allowing one to view a table of contents of emails by password, or view emails with a given password (including a blank password). Or delete all emails with a given password, or all emails whose password isn’t in a given set of passwords. So simple, but death to spam. Think how many billions have been wasted because of the original lame design. Think of mail stations in big companies, with their huge mail sorting rooms, but not done by hand, instead by software.

    When will my mod be implemented? I’ve got gray hair now 🙂

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