1. My reply:

    Sorry, but CO2-driven global climate change is a 60 trillion dollar scam. CO2 has no control over weather or climate, period. It’s a boogey man used by scientifically-trained political operatives to create the mathematical science fiction of a second Sun in the sky with pages of equations that they think look too complex for a novice to question. Mathematical science fiction is still fiction not science. No, Virginia, there is no Second Sun Claus. More and more scientists are blowing the whistle, and true to so-called progressive tradition, the dupes lock their minds in cages and don’t want to know, don’t want to hear, and even want so-called climate change deniers muzzled so they can use the issue to end 150 years of capitalism and burn the world down thinking they’re going to create a utopia on the er, ashes. In short, they have politicized science and called for sucking all the money that could have been used to solve real problems.I got it! It’s not the far left but the evil far right and the fossil fuel industry that’s really behind the IPCC somehow. 🙂 Sorry, but a study of history shows otherwise.

    I don’t that Wired has three readers open minded enough to want to study both sides of the climate debate, but just in case here’s a link to the most powerful online course on the Net for studying Earth’s climate and climate science to learn everything worth knowing, with equal space given to all sides along with thousands of hyperlinks. It’s a tough read, a course that will take many long hard study sessions, but if you make it through you’ll never be so ignorant that you swallow the IPCC’s moose hockey without question again. Many might want to form a study group to tackle it.

    Yes, both the far left and the far right “big oil” interests want to kill nuclear power, but dumping $60 trillion in the toilet chasing unicorns hurts everybody. Who is calling for $60 trillion to build enough nuclear plants to give everybody cheap or virtually free energy, making fossil fuel obsolete?

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