One thought on “What do climate scientists wish people knew about climate change?

  1. My reply:

    Let’s reverse the question. CO2 helps cool the Earth’s surface, not warm it. The so-called climate scientists confuse the air in the troposphere with the air near the surface, which is where weather is. What happens way up high can’t change the temperature of the surface other than to cool it more via wind and precipitation. The only thing that warms the surface is the Sun. Warmed air rises via convection, taking heat with it, and releases it eventually to the infinite heat sink of space. Thanks to the atmosphere, thermal radiation from the surface is superseded by convection, which climate scientists don’t ever seem to ‘get’. Take the Moon for example. It has to radiate all the heat, and since that process is fast, its temperature swings between extremes. The atmosphere has mass, thus it takes time to heat and cool, or more precisely, time to remove heat from the surface, and more time to release it to space. If the surface could somehow radiate all of its heat to space rather than convect it, and the CO2 in the atmosphere blocked and absorbed it all, that would only make it rise faster, like smoke in a chimney. It will never become a Dragon in the Sky the way climate scientists think, sorry, there’s no second Sun up there threatening to bring Armageddon.
    In short, what smart people like moi know that climate scientists don’t is that the Earth isn’t a Greenhouse, it’s a Stovepipe, and CO2 is a boogey man and scapegoat used by leftists to try to shut down the fossil fuel industry that has brought us a comfortable lifestyle, filling them with hate since it’s one of the biggest successes of capitalism. What a colossal waste of so-called climate scientists educated beyond their intelligence to accept their moose hockey, whose only solution is to tax the people for trillions and end capitalism in order to slay an imaginary dragon, when even a fraction of that would help solve real problems like pollution, hunger, etc. Ironically, CO2 is good not bad. It’s plant food, and the more we can get into the atmosphere, the more the planet will green to feed the teeming billions. We need 1200 ppm not the current 400, and the climate will still be the same as long as the Sun itself doesn’t change, which no amount of tax money can do anything about.
    Read my essay and get your head right:

    TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change

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