One thought on “What will be the hardest adaption we will need to make a a species to survive global warming?


    My reply:

    We will need to gets some toupees with brains in them. 🙂 Haven’t you figured out by now that “global warming” is a hoax based on manipulating artificial “global temperatures” that have no reality outside a computer? Nature knows nothing of such a made-up statistic, and to use it as an indicator of the health of Earth is junk science. The reason for the hoax is to extort trillions to save us from it, with the real goal being to destroy the fossil fuel industry and capitalism itself. Mere weather can be twisted to look like climate change at will in a no-lose proposition where hot and cold spells are equally useful. That’s why it is a favorite with global Marxists in the U.N. and its IPCC.
    It is all based on the logical fallacy called Reification, the Fallacy of Misplaced Concreteness, a mental process by which someone comes to believe that an abstraction (idea or concept) is a material, physical object in the real world. Cambridge geologist Mike Hulme observed that many people are obsessing over global temperatures while not realizing that they are abstractions and not things to be feared.
    “Global temperature does not cause anything to happen. It has no material agency. It is an abstract proxy for the aggregated accumulation of heat in the surface boundary layer of the planet. It is far removed from revealing the physical realities of meteorological hazards occurring in particular places. And forecasts of global temperature threshold exceedance are even further removed from actionable early warning information upon which disaster risk management systems can work.
    Global temperature offers the ultimate view of the planet—and of meteorological hazard—from nowhere (”
    Read all about it here so I don’t have to repeat it: (

    Here’s my take on global warming:
    TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change

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