One thought on “Climate Advocates Underestimate Power of Fossil Fueled Misinformation Campaigns, Say Top Researchers

  1. My reply:

    “2nd law talks about the net flow of energy and doesn’t forbid some flow from cool to hot”?

    Duh, you’re the one guilty of misrepresentation.Quick! Patent your new reverse heat engine and get rich ! 🙂

    You need to go back to science for dummies, e.g.

    Your whole house is built on cards. What are you going to do when the alarmists’ climate armageddon fails to materialize? Erase your whole Internet presence? 🙂 Just because the fossil fuel industry senses trouble with leftist greenies and funds some scientists for self-preservation doesn’t make them wrong any more than the fact that alarmist scientists are being funded by the U.N. Marxist global octopus makes them right. There’s nothing more fundamental than the laws of thermodynamics, and they are against the moose hockey about CO2 “trapping heat” and “sending it back down to Earth”. Sorry, the smoke from a chimney can’t send the heat back down and cook the meal twice. The Earth is a giant chimney or stovepipe, not a greenhouse, venting all heat from the surface into the infinite heat sink of outer space forever. Calling the Earth a greenhouse is moronic because there’s no giant layer of glass up in the sky, and 0.04% concentration of CO2 is no substitute. Climate changes are caused by changes in the amount of sunlight reaching the surface, not the amount of heat sent by the nonexistent CO2 dragon in the sky, so CO2 is being framed for insidious political purposes and the rest is moose hockey. Ever wonder how alarmists explain how seeding the sky with sulfur dioxide to block sunlight cools the surface when that would “trap heat” which should be “sent back down to Earth” by the dragon in the sky? 🙂 Once heat is removed from the surface by convection and radiation, it never comes back, and is of no importance unless we build cloud cities.

    Here’s a simple proof that the First Law of Thermodynamics refutes the CO2 Greenhouse Gas Warming Theory:

    Here’s my even simpler and more devastating analysis that even you can understand if you still have an open mind:

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