One thought on “What are some of the most noticeable effects of global warming and overall climate change?


    Weather is not climate, sorry. There was real bad weather in the 1930s, and if the U.N. IPCC globalist Marxists were in power then I’m sure they’d be spreading climate alarmism and demanding huge extortion money to fix it, even though they couldn’t blame it on the low CO2 levels but would likely find some other moose hockey explanation that they would claim only they can fix, at a price. Yes, CO2 levels have been climbing since the 1950s, but the truth is that all along CO2 has been framed as the cause of global warming because the basic laws of physics make it impossible for a cooler body like the atmosphere to warm a hotter body like the surface. CO2 is not a Dragon in the Sky. Rather, it helps cool the surface along with the rest of the atmosphere, taking the heat to outer space where it disappears into an infinite heat sink while we’re protected on the surface.
    Of course, now that the Northern Hemisphere is having a record cold spell, they fall silent 🙂 ( ( (
    No Change In Manhattan Sea Level For Ten Years | PSI Intl ( (’s all about basic physics, which isn’t complicated if you’re not trying to apologize for CO2-driven global warming by deliberately over-complex mathematical hand-waving. I explain the true physics here for all to study, in simple terms.
    TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change (

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