One thought on “Where can I find reliable scientific research and examples on the effects of climate change to our environment?


    Because of the gigantic influence of the U.N. IPCC with its demands for trillions of baksheesh, you can’t really trust any so-called scientific research on the effects of climate change unless you carefully weed out the alarmist predictions set decades in the future. Not that you shouldn’t look the papers over, but you need to let the other side have its say by checking out their blogs, which the official establishment doesn’t want you to see because they’re good at exposing their dirty laundry. Here’s a list of blogs on both sides in case you want to join some mailing lists and get a regular string of articles in your mailbox:
    TLW’s Climate Blog List (
    Here’s my blog that provides daily links to the articles I’ve read, which is currently the best source on the subject because I read more articles than anybody.
    The Antarctic Volcanoes Project Blog (

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