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    The CO2 greenhouse warming alarmist camp does everything it can to paint CO2 as a bad gas, when in fact life couldn’t exist without it. Knowing full well that CO2 is what plants breathe, and that increasing concentrations boost plant growth, they try to ignore that and paint horrible pictures of too much CO2 backfiring and lowering the nutritional value of plants et al., usually concentrating on crop plants that are used to living in cold climates in the first place. Too bad, they ignore that commercial greenhouse operators regularly pump in CO2 to reach 1200–1500 ppm, and the Earth’s atmosphere is only at 400 ppm and increasing only by 3 ppm/year.
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    No matter what really drives Earth’s climate, basic physics makes greenhouse warming theory impossible, and those who push it are suspect about their real intentions. The big con is that they don’t want you to realize that the only function of the atmosphere is to cool the Earth’s surface after the Sun heats it by taking the heat energy up into outer space, where it is lost forever. Moreover, the heat energy is automatically lost during the rise because the air has to trade it for work in overcoming the atmosphere’s gravity gradient. Thus by the time it has reached the upper levels, there is little energy left to dissipate into space anyway. Either way, CO2 is just part of the atmosphere and helps carry the heat away, and can never send it back to the surface or trap it in a “blanket”. There is no blanket, and the Earth is not a greenhouse, it’s a chimney, and the atmosphere keeps surface temperatures within livable limits purely by its great mass, which slows the process of taking the heat from the surface; but once it’s left, it’s never going to return and is of no value to people living on the surface, or global warming threat either. Water vapor is also a so-called greenhouse gas, but it’s only purpose is to cool the surface even more via precipitation. If you haven’t read my simple and devastating disproof of greenhouse warming theory, you’re going to stay an easy mark and get your pocket picked.

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