One thought on “Back-Conduction and Alarmist Physics – No Radiative Caveat to the Laws of Thermodynamics

  1. The CO2 greenhouse warming hoax is not about conduction but radiation, but its big con is to try to ignore the role of convection. As solar heat from the surface is slowly radiated into the atmosphere, it either passes it through to space or is absorbed, yes, but that heats up the atmosphere, causing it to rise to space at a slower speed, trading heat for work as it climbs against the gravity field of the atmosphere. By the time it’s gone very high it’s out of heat, so there’s next to nothing to radiate back to the surface in the first place 🙂 Of course the remaining heat is radiated to the infinite heat sink of space and is lost forever. It’s the great mass of the atmosphere that slows convection that is the real reason the surface keeps within livable temperature limits, not any back radiation from a fictitious dragon in the sky.

    If the so-called climate science grads were singers they’d be as talentless as Fabian singing I want to be a hound dog man 🙂 They need to demand a refund and retrain for useful careers.

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