One thought on “What is an acceptable amount of CO2 in the atmosphere?”

  1. The entire CO2 greenhouse warming theory is a hoax, and actually CO2 has no control over the temperature of the Earth’s surface. The logic has been twisted like a pretzel in a mad attempt to strangle the fossil fuel industry, because actually it’s the burning of fossil fuels at the surface that warms it at all, to keep us alive and comfortable and to give us a good lifestyle, and the gases that escape can no longer heat the surface because of the basic laws of thermodynamics, they just move on up to space as they dissipate their heat energy harmlessly in order to fight gravity and rise. No, they don’t collect to form a blanket that keeps the surface warm, because a blanket traps warm air right next to your skin, while the atmosphere is miles high, and if you remove your blanket the warm air will escape to the atmosphere and be of no further use to keep you warm, which applies globally as well. The Earth is a giant chimney not a greenhouse.
    The real acceptable amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is unknown, but greenhouse operators like to pump it up to 1200–1500 ppm to make their plants flourish and produce, and since that level doesn’t hurt humans, maybe that would be the ideal amount. Too bad, the current atmospheric level is only 400 ppm, with only 3 ppm added each year, and insidious globalist Marxist forces are at work to end industrialized civilization in a mad attempt to reduce the yearly increment to 0 for nothing.
    More and more people are waking up to the CO2 greenhouse warming hoax after reading my devastating refutation that uses only basic laws of physics to pull its er, blanket off:
    TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change by T.L. Winslow (TLW), “The Historyscoper™ (

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