One thought on “Why are so many people ignoring and denying global warming even after what NASA published about the last 5 years?”


    Sorry, but more and more people are waking up to the reality that NASA should never have gone into the climate business, and is becoming increasingly partisan and political and twisting the science in cahoots with a global movement centered in the U.N. Colorado-based engineer-scientist Tony Heller has been producing numerous great videos exposing NASA climate scientists as pikers tampering with data to support the CO2 global warming narrative for their fellow conspirators, and proving that the emperor has no clothes. basic physics has been mangled by the CO2 greenhouse warming scientists, confusing the temperature on the surface where we live with the temperature up high in the sky where it can’t reach us. The only purpose of the atmosphere is to take solar heat from the surface up to space and dispose of it. The composition of the atmosphere has nothing to do with it, only its mass. The great mass slows the process of extracting surface heat, keeping it within livable limits unlike the Moon which has no atmosphere. There’s no physical way that CO2 in the sky can radiate heat back down to the surface, sorry, it’s a hoax.
    In short, CO2 has been framed and demonized, when all along it is a clean green good gas that’s essential for plant life, and therefore animal and human life. If anything the atmosphere has too little CO2, currently at 400 ppm, when greenhouse operators regularly pump CO2 up to 1200–1500 ppm. Despite all the fossil fuel burning, atmospheric CO2 is only increasing by 3 ppm per year, isn’t it?
    CO2 Levels Continue to Increase at Record Rate (
    If you want to finally understand the climate issue, read my essay that devastates the greenhouse warming theory with fundamental physics, and which if more widely known might even change the so-called climate scientists’ minds and make them drop their Green New Deal and other wild unworkable self-defeating plans for using our money.

    TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change (

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