One thought on “Do people really think global warming is a myth? If yes, then why?”


    My reply:

    Not myth, but hoax. Why? There is a deliberate attempt to confuse the heat deposited on the Earth’s surface by the Sun with heat way up in the atmosphere, which originally came from the Sun. The atmosphere’s function is to cool the Earth’s surface by taking the Sun’s heat up into space, and it can never send it back to rewarm it – that’s against the basic laws of thermodynamics. The only global warming is that caused by the burning of fossil fuels at the surface to heat us and run our engines to give us a comfortable lifestyle. This heat soon escapes into the sky and never returns. Earth’s atmosphere is not a greenhouse it’s a chimney. The confusion of heat escaping to space with the situation down where we live has to be a hoax because it’s so deliberate. Just note the lying attempts to claim that CO2 in the atmosphere sends the heat back to the surface, like a second Sun. This is totally non-physical, a fiction invented on paper by so-called climate scientists educated beyond their intelligence. That atmospheric CO2 doesn’t send heat to the surface was proved with the Mar. 20, 2015 total solar eclipse, where measurements in Svalbard saw the surface temperature drop from 8F to -7F in less than 3 minutes because only the CO2 in the sky was left to heat it and it just wasn’t able to.

    Solar eclipse of March 20, 2015 – Wikipedia (,_2015) (”

    My complete exposure of the GHG warming hoax is waking people up.
    TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change (

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