How many UN climate change experts does it take to change a sceptics mind?

My reply:

Is this a serious question or another lightbulb joke? The real answer is that it only takes one climate change skeptic to change all the so-called climate experts’ minds: moi. My new online essay devastates the basic claim that CO2 controls the Earth’s temperature, pulling the rug out from under their feet and exposing the New Green Deal as a Marxist globalist coup attempt in the name of a beautiful but impossible fairy tale of a Marxist utopia.
Why can’t CO2 control Earth’s temperature? Because the Earth’s atmosphere is a chimney not a greenhouse, taking the Sun’s heat from the surface up into space, and no matter what CO2 does in the sky the heat can never be sent back to the surface because of the iron laws of thermodynamics. Who cares what the temperature of a chimney’s exhaust is when it can never send the heat back down and cook the meal twice? The only heating on the surface is what’s caused by the burning of fossil fuels to keep us warm and operate our machinery, and once it vents its waste heat to the sky it can never return, and CO2 can’t change this. CO2 greenhouse warming is a pure hoax, originally proposed back in the 19th century, and no wonder so far the claimed global temperature increases are so small that they can only be calculated in computers with tricked-up data, yet the Marxist globalists are jumping on their Armageddon claims out to the year 2100, which are no longer science but crystal ball prognostications unworthy of real scientists.

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