One thought on “What are some of the main arguments against the acceptance of global climate change?”

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    This is a loaded question, become global climate like everything else in Nature never stays constant but varies over time. The current CO2 greenhouse warming colossus claims that global temps have been increasing faster in modern times than anytime in the past, but they use tricked-up data that is highly suspect of tempering to support their theory.

    Otherwise, the evidence that CO2 is driving a future Armageddon is flimsy and suspect of political motives, as recently revealed by the announcement of the New Green Deal, which is a shameless Marxist global coup attempt under the guise of saving the world from the evil dragon in the sky of CO2. There’s no conspiracy among scientists? Why did NASA accommodate them by releasing a so-called study in 2015 predicting an Armageddon by 2100, when real scientists don’t engage in crystal ball work? Because they were preparing people for the Marxist power grab? ( (
    The World in 2100, According to NASA’s New Big Dataset (

    Too bad for the U.N. IPCC, NASA, NOAA et al., the iron laws of thermodynamics rule out CO2’s ability to warm the Earth’s surface beyond what the Sun does. The entire atmosphere, CO2 included just removes the heat and takes it up to space for permanent disposal. Earth is not a greenhouse but a chimney. Heat and smoke from a chimney can never go back down and cook the meal twice, sorry. The only global surface warming is caused by fossil fuels being burned to keep us warm and operate our machinery to give us comfortable lives. Once the fossil fuels have been burned, they’re gone forever too, as the waste heat always escapes straight up to space, and CO2 can’t change this. I don’t care what’s happening up in the sky, I live on the surface. That’s why CO2 global warming is a deliberate hoax. No other argument is needed to destroy the CO2 greenhouse warming theory because it strikes a stake through its heart. Only I have a free online essay allowing everybody to satisfy themselves that CO2 global warming is a hoax and a generation of so-called climate scientists have been cheated and need to demand their money back and retrain for useful careers such as nuclear energy, the only real replacement for fossil fuels. NASA needs to get out of the climate business and concentrate on its original mission of space exploration.

    TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change (

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