One thought on “What is the best evidence you’ve come across that disproves the theory of global warming?”


    My reply:

    You mean the CO2 Greenhouse Warming Theory? It’s been disproved as a cause of global warming since day one, because the iron laws of thermodynamics don’t allow a cooler body to heat a warmer one, hence CO2 way up in the sky can absorb all the energy it wants from the surface, but by definition the surface was already cooled by losing it, and it can never come back, but just continues on its way to the infinite heat sink of outer space. Only the Sun heats the surface each day. CO2 helps cool the surface by taking heat away from it, so the CO2 Greenhouse Warming Theory has been misapplied and can’t explain global warming. If it were even a little bit true then we’d long ago had winters without snow, not the Beast from the East. In short, the iron laws of thermodynamics rule out all theories of atmospheric CO2-driven global surface warming, because only the Sun can warm the surface, and incidentally, humans can too, for a short time, by burning fossil fuels to keep warm and operate machinery to live a comfortable lifestyle. Just like hot smoke from a campfire, once the heat has left the surface it never comes back, and obsessing what happens to it on the way to space is for people with too much time on their hands. The Earth’s atmosphere is a chimney not a greenhouse.

    2018 Great Britain and Ireland cold wave – Wikipedia (

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