One thought on “How can anyone deny climate change when the evidence is so compelling and the stakes are so high?”

  1. My reply:

    Evidence is so what? Nowadays nobody can claim that without trying to refute the great videos of climate expert Tony Heller of Colorado. For example: (

    People who stick to the dated argument that Big Oil is perverting the science to protect their income need to catch up with the reality that for 30 years they’ve switched to financing the environmentalists because of all the new sources of income opening up. The original flock of climate skeptic scientists were never owned by them, and after their funding dried up they stuck to their guns and have developed their arguments more fully, and now are the senior scientists in the climate science profession. The pro-greenhouse warming scientists are mainly a younger generation who had to blindly accept the dogmas to get their degrees. (

    Too bad for so-called climate scientists, the entire CO2 greenhouse warming theory is a hoax because it violates the iron laws of thermodynamics. Just because CO2 in the atmosphere absorbs some of the radiation from the surface doesn’t send that heat back later. The entire atmosphere cools the surface and takes the heat to space, and CO2 is part of that. Who cares what the temperature profile is in the sky when we live on the ground? You can hang a side of beef over a fire but people sitting around it aren’t being cooked. The heat and smoke from the fire can never return and cook the meal twice. The atmosphere has a great mass that creates a gravity gradient that rules atmospheric convection and absorbs most radiation, but that doesn’t make CO2 a dragon in the sky that breathes fire to the surface. The lame attempts to claim that CO2 sends heat back to the surface are science fiction not fact, and the perpetrators are the ones suspect of ulterior political and financial motives, as revealed by the New Green Deal. CO2 stays in the atmosphere, but surface heat never does.
    Speaking of ulterior motives, ironically, the U.N.-backed greenhouse warming colossus wants to destroy the fossil fuel industry and make us dependent on expensive intermittent solar and wind power, which would drag us down to a new Dark Ages, yet the only real anthropogenic global warming is caused every day by the burning of fossil fuels to keep us warm and operate our machinery to give us our comfortable lifestyles. All waste heat generated is immediately forced to space by the atmosphere, where it dissipates harmlessly, with atmospheric CO2 being irrelevant. Why fix something that isn’t broke? (

    The colossus suppresses all dissident views, and their tentacles envelop academia, who censor any climate skeptic papers and fire them for speaking out. Never fear, I completely devastate the CO2 greenhouse warming theory in my hot, er, cool independent essay here:

    TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change (

    Most climate scientists need to quit their jobs, ask for their money back and retrain for useful careers like nuclear energy.

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