One thought on “Should we really be focusing on trying to prevent climate change at this point, or preparing for the inevitable?”

  1. My reply:

    Sorry, anthropogenic climate change is a hoax that’s framing CO2 on sending heat from the atmosphere back to the surface, when this goes against the iron laws of thermodynamics. All of Earth’s surface heat comes daily from the Sun, not from CO2, which might absorb some heat from the surface but can’t send it back as it slowly rises to space and is lost forever. Nature is always changing the climate a little, and over time it can add up to a lot, but humans can do nothing about it other than try to adapt. No one except the global warming alarmists with their hands in your pockets can pretend to predict the future decades out, but to me it seems more likely that we’re headed for a period of global cooling not warming, but even that would be decades out if ever, so for the time being I’ll keep my wallet in my pocket. Check out the er, cool global cooling prediction videos on YouTube by retired U. of Conn. scientist Howard Hayden et al.:

    Here’s my take on the CO2 greenhouse warming hoax, which is waking people up:

    TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change (

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