One thought on “Is carbon dioxide really causing global warming or is it just a theory among others?”

  1. My reply:

    CO2 in the atmosphere may absorb some surface radiation from the Earth, but only the Sun can deposit energy on the Earth’s surface and heat it up.
    The atmosphere only cools the surface, and its chemical composition doesn’t really matter. The iron laws of thermodynamics prohibit a cooler body from heating a warmer body, and the atmosphere is cooler than the surface because of the lapse rate, which is caused by the atmosphere’s gravity field pushing warmer air up and into space where all heat is dissipated forever, much like the water pressure in an aquarium pushes hose bubbles up to the surface where they are released into the air.

    Instead of atmospheric CO2 stopping the flow of surface heat to space, it speeds it up because absorbed IR warms it up and makes it lighter. Since it’s a trace (0.04%) element, it absorbs the IR as increased internal kinetic energy, making it bump faster into neighboring molecules and diffuse the heat. CO2 never turns into a mini laser or radar satellite in the sky.

    They get emission confused. All materials constantly emit radiation at all wavelengths from zero on up, but the power distribution peaks at an absolute temperature proportional to the fourth power of the temperature, meaning that the photons will not only be much weaker but way slower in flow rate, and they too will be absorbed by surrounding air molecules long before they reach the surface, while the whole mass just keeps rising to space like a chimney.

    When you cook a meal in a fireplace, Earth’s atmosphere pushes the waste heat and smoke up the chimney and up to space. The heat never goes back down the chimney and cooks the meal twice.
    So-called climate scientists never seem to ‘get’ this. They tout CO2’s absorption abilities, but misrepresent its emission abilities, and are always turning physics upside down and backwards to invent a fictitious dragon in the sky supported by a Byzantine network of inscrutable mathematics that are nothing but mathematical science fiction. They also like to turn the Earth flat and pretend to calculate the entire energy flow from one flat quarter, always managing to find fictitious wattage beaming back to the surface from somewhere in fantasyland.

    The basic paradigm is wrong, and that’s where climate scientists keep tripping on their own feet. The Earth’s atmosphere, in short, is a giant chimney not a greenhouse. Thus, the obsession with heat in the atmosphere has been misguided, because it contains heat that’s already left the surface, which has cooled and will never be rewarmed by a phantom second Sun made of trace CO2 molecules. In short, CO2 greenhouse warming theory is a hoax, and its blind adoption by so-called climate scientists is one of the scientific scandals of history.

    I’m a philosopher of science and technology and can back my views up. Read my devastating expose and join others who are waking up:

    TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change (

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