One thought on “Is global warming a verifiable fact or just a highly probable conclusion?”

  1. My reply:

    This is a loaded question because it doesn’t include the word anthropogenic.

    All global warming comes from the Sun. No Sun, the Earth freezes fast.

    A blanket around your body at night slows heat created by your metabolism from escaping, but can not warm the body more. But that’s just what the pushers of so-called CO2 greenhouse warming theory claim CO2 does for the Earth’s surface. This is a pure hoax, because it is prohibited by the iron laws of thermodynamics.
    What is really happening on a daily basis? The Sun alone heats the Earth’s surface, and if it weren’t for the atmosphere the heat would radiate directly to space at such a high rate that the temperature would swing between unlivable extremes like on the Moon. But the huge atmosphere intercepts most of this radiation and turns it into convection, which has to fight the atmosphere’s gravity radiation to escape to space, slowing the surface cooling process enough to keep the surface temperature from swinging so fast. CO2 has no special role other than as part of the surface cooling process. The surface cooling happens at the surface, and once heat has left on its way to space, it can never return, which is the Big Lie of the CO2 greenhouse warming theory.

    The physics of surface heating and cooling started way back in the 19th century when many aspects were poorly understood, but it has long been hijacked by global Marxists with dreams of a global Green New Deal that promises a Marxist utopia forced on the world in the name of slaying the CO2 dragon in the sky, even though it’s not there. CO2 just helps cool the Earth’s surface daily by taking the solar heat up to space where it is harmlessly dissipated. Claims that it delays this process by absorbing IR from the surface on its way up don’t matter back on the surface, which has been cooled even more by emitting the IR. The Byzantine mathematical formulas concocted to turn CO2 into a second Sun are mathematical science fiction, precisely because of the iron laws of you know what that override their fine print. Once heat and smoke leave a chimney, the heat can never go back down and cook the meal twice. When it’s gone it’s gone.

    All along CO2 has been framed as a dragon in the sky just as a way to influence the shutdown of the fossil fuel industry even after it eliminated real polluting gases from its smokestacks, such as CO, SO2, and soot. Sorry, but fossil fuel is good not bad, for without it we couldn’t stay warm in the winter or cool in the summer, or operate the machinery and electrical devices that give us a comfortable lifestyle.

    As to so-called surface temperature data, it has long ago been coopted by govt. agencies bent on pushing the Green New Deal even before it had a name, especially NASA and NOAA. The climate expert Tony Heller of Colo. has heroically spent many years putting their work through a magnifying glass and exposing rampant data tampering to create a tiny overall warming that tracks the CO2 level, literally erase and rewriting history to make data fit the theory. The real question of what drives the climate is thrown under the bus by a few tricked-up graphs that aren’t physical but were made up in computers, mere sales tools for a future Green New Deal, where the slope of the graph is exponentially accelerated decades in the future under the guise of science when it’s really salesmen puffing their merchandise. Caveat emptor.

    Read my devastating essay using fundamental physics to demolish the CO2 greenhouse warming theory that anybody can understand:
    TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change (

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