One thought on “Can you simply explain global warming in a way that I can share with others?”

  1. My reply:

    The sun shines on to earth. Some of the heat is reflected back to space, but the atmosphere keeps some of the heat close to the earth. This is good because it allows the earth to be warm enough for humans to exist.

    This is the standard explanation of global warming, and it is a lie.

    What really happens? The Sun heats the Earth’s surface after some sunlight is blocked by clouds and dust in the atmosphere. Once heated, the surface begins radiating IR, some of which escapes directly to space, but most of which is absorbed by the various gases of the atmosphere including water vapor, heating it up and causing it to rise to space, where the heat is dissipated. The great mass of the atmosphere takes time to heat and cool like any material, so it can only remove so much heat at a time, keeping the surface livable. Water vapor in the sky often releases precipitation, cooling the surface even faster. It’s not the CO2 in the atmosphere but the atmosphere as a whole that acts as Earth’s blanket. CO2 is good not bad, and is being demonized for political and economic purposes. Atmospheric CO2 can double or triple and the average surface temperature won’t be affected, but plants will flourish, feeding the teeming billions. Only the Sun can set the surface temperature, subject to many complex variables science doesn’t fully understand yet.
    There is no way any component of the atmosphere can send the heat back down to the surface like a dragon in the sky, and the trace component CO2 is totally irrelevant, but since it keeps steadily increasing it makes a great scapegoat, and this is the lie being spread by Green New Deal activists including a huge well-paid scientific army (including NASA and NOAA) to justify their trillion-dollar scam. Here is a new super-scam that was just announced: (

    Here’s the lie being spread by NASA:

    Climate and Earth’s Energy Budget by NASA (

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