One thought on “Is that tiny CO2 portion of the atmosphere really the control knob on global warming?”

  1. My reply:

    Heck no! CO2 can’t warm the Earth’s surface because of the iron laws of thermodynamics. Instead, it helps cool the surface by absorbing heat energy from it and taking it to space where it is dissipated harmlessly. Only the Sun can heat the Earth’s surface. Once heat has left the surface, it never returns. Fixating on the “heating of the atmosphere by CO2” is a hoax, because we don’t live in the atmosphere, we live on the surface. It’s like bubbles in an aquarium, which rise and never go back down. It’s like rocks at the top of a mountain, which fall and never return. It’s like smoke and heat rising from a chimney, which can never send the heat back down to cook the meal twice. The concentration of CO2 is irrelevant, and even if it were 100% it can’t become a dragon in the sky and send heat back to the surface, which is warmed by the Sun and the Sun alone. Every day pure CO2 is used in fire extinguishers, and it doesn’t absorb IR and shoot it back in our face like a flamethrower or “ping machine”. CO2 greenhouse warming is a deliberate and evil hoax, and the announcement of the Green New Deal reveals the motivation, namely, to extort trillions for the purpose of creating a global Marxist paradise that’s really a fool’s paradise. Anybody who peddles the hoax and won’t address the iron laws of thermodynamic isn’t worth listening to. Those laws will still be here a thousand years from now, and the hoaxers won’t. All they want is your wealth now.
    All along fossil fuels have made our comfortable modern lifestyle possible, and only nuclear energy promises to replace them one day. Real pollutants like soot, CO, NO2, SO2, etc. are being taken care of, so leave clean green life-giving CO2 alone. The renewable (solar, wind) scam is just as big a hoax as the CO2 greenhouse warming scam.

    NOW That We Know Renewables Can’t ‘Save The Planet’, Are We Really Going To Stand By And Let Them Destroy It? (

    If physics is your forte, read my great essay that devastates the CO2 greenhouse warming hoax forever using fundamental physics, which hasn’t been and can’t be answered, only ignored or pooh-poohed by the hoaxers. It’s listed on my profile and is free for all to read.

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