One thought on “I thought science weighed both sides of a subject so Why are there no studies paid for by the government against climate change?”


    My reply:

    For decades the ranks of so-called climate scientists have been virtually 100% yes-men in lock step, never questioning the basic hoax that CO2 warms the Earth’s surface, but instead trying to prove it, not with physics, which they know disproves it, but with statistics, which they can rig. As Mark Twain said, there’s lies, damned lies, and statistics. No wonder that major govt. orgs. filled with climate scientists have resorted to data tempering, making the past temperature record disappear and a fake record appear that precisely fits the CO2 level in the atmosphere like magic. It’s a super scandal that will one day fall into the dustbin of history.
    It all started with Canadian globalist Marxist Maurice Strong and the U.N., and went bigtime with James A. Hansen in 1988, who worked closely with NASA and NOAA, hijacking the science. Ever since no really independent thinker can get a job with the but must support themselves somehow without all those cushy salaries, benefits, perks, and retirements. Read about it in my climate historyscope and weep. One brave critic is Tony Heller of Colo., who resorted to YouTube to reach the masses: ( ( (

    Here’s one climate scientist who lived through it and summarized it:

    “The AGW climate scare of the last 30 years did not come to the forefront from individual scientists beginning to coalesce around the idea that rising levels of CO2 might pose a serious future climate threat to society. This threat was, by contrast, imposed upon the world from ‘above’ by the coming together of globally influential politicians, environmentalists, internationalists, etc. who knew little about climate but saw great political opportunities by using the rising CO2 levels as a scare tactic in order to exercise control over them. People respond best out of fear. But lasting response to fear must have a firm basis in truth. The AGW scare does not.” – William M. Gray (1929-2016)
    The Physical Flaws of the Global Warming Theory and Deep Ocean Circulation Changes as the Primary Climate Driver (

    Never fear, Pres. Trump’s admin. is currently planning a new govt.-funded study not run by the CO2 greenhouse hoaxer scientists, but by skeptics who have a healthy independent stance. Of course the hoaxers don’t want you to read it, but this time they might lose, let’s hope, else the nightmare Green New Deal threatens to extinguish Western civilization as we know it.
    Too bad, most people aren’t scientists and can’t even do trig. If you have a flair for physics, read my essay that devastates the CO2 greenhouse warming theory forever; it’s listed on my profile.

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