One thought on “What is the real source of global warming?”

  1. My reply:
    The one and only source of global warming of the Earth is the SUN. Nothing else heats the Earth’s surface, except for an insignificant amount of geothermal energy. The atmosphere can’t heat the surface of the Earth, only cool it at a certain speed and keeping it within livable limits between revolutions. Yes, CO2 absorbs IR from the surface, but that only means it’s helping cool the surface too. The gigantic hoax being peddled by so-called climate scientists is that this heat can be piped back to the surface in a useful form in violation of the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics. Sorry, these laws trump their fantastic Byzantine mathematical contraptions that are little more than elaborate sleight of hand designed to fool science laymen, which most people are. A trump card wins the hand no matter what it’s composed of, and one doesn’t have to be a card shark to know that. Smoke and heat from a chimney rise slowly to space and dump their heat, and can never send it back down to cool the meal twice. The Earth’s atmosphere is a gigantic chimney, not a greenhouse. Its sheer mass is what acts as a thermal blanket, because anything with mass takes time to heat and cool, and the presence of a trace amount of the gas we breathe out doesn’t have any special effect anywhere, much less control the climate.
    Read my devastating essay listed on my profile that nobody has or can answer and see how fundamental physics applied correctly makes the CO2 greenhouse warming theory into junk science whose days are numbered as more people wake up.

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