One thought on “What scientific evidence do opponents of climate change and global warming use to support their view?

  1. My reply:

    What scientific evidence? It’s simpler than that. For months I’ve been presenting the proof that CO2 greenhouse warming is a hoax based on false physics, but few will risk their pet prejudices long enough to read it. The hoaxers never used fundamental physics to justify their demands for huge amounts of money, instead they rely on tricked-up statistics designed to fool the scientifically illiterate with a hockey stick graph that’s totally fake. In short, only the hoaxers want you to limit your consideration to “scientific evidence” that they furnish. Just look at the graph scales to see they’re only claiming 0.8C of avg. global warming since 1880, while the real temperature can climb or fall way more than that any day in a few minutes. The con game is to project way out to 2100 and claim an exponential runaway Armageddon, while demanding huge lakes of money now to save us. How’s today’s weather? Hawaii-like weather or blizzard warnings in a historic spring storm sweeping across the U.S.?

    The sad thing is that major scientific orgs. like NOAA and NASA are leading the data tampering effort to force past temperature data into a false correlation with atmospheric CO2 levels, as if correlation proves causation. Meanwhile huge cold waves give the lie to CO2 having any control of temperatures.
    What is the most basic con? That temperatures way up in the sky have anything do with temperatures on the ground. Anybody watching a hot air balloon should smell a rat. Look up lapse rate in Wiki and see that as one goes higher, the temperature drops worldwide. A colder object cannot heat a warmer object, so the air in the sky cannot magically heat the surface, regardless of its gas content.

    Here is my proof that CO2 greenhouse warming is a hoax. Disprove it if you can, else face the fact that trillions are being bilked by con artists and that they are gaining control of the media daily.

    TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change (

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