One thought on “Is Global warming a fact of life or are we actually entering a mini ice age? Does human activity affect temperatures and climate here on earth?

  1. My reply:

    It’s too early yet to know if we are entering a mini ice age, and frequent super-cold winter spells could be a warning, but there’s no question that CO2 does not cause global warming because it’s just a trace component of the atmosphere that cools the Earth’s surface daily. Who cares if it has risen from 300 parts per million to 400? That’s 0.04%, or 4 parts in ten thousand. CO2 has been deliberately framed by global Marxists for power and control in their plans to foist a one-world Marxist govt., and scientific organizations are now all suspect of being hijacked to tamper with the data to push their false narrative that’s really based on unfalsifiable predictions decades in the future. Back in the 1930s when CO2 was still in the 300s we had far worse heat waves that tore the world apart. Now NOAA and NASA are claiming a whopping 0.8C of global warming since 1880, which is not detectable by any living thing, only with their complex computer programs. The biggest con is to pretend to know the global average temperature when the only reliable temperature measuring stations are in the U.S., which has shown no warming, and should be used to tame the wild measurements from other countries rather than the other way around. This science hijacking has happened before, with the fake acid rain scare. The frequent statements by Marxists that the entire fossil fuel industry must go, even natural gas, are proof of a master conspiracy to foist world Marxism, and to them science is a punch line.

    Corruption of the US Temperature Record (
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    Meanwhile honest scientists are tracing the detectable mild variations in global temps to natural forces that have cycles. (

    Read my essay disproving the CO2 greenhouse warming theory forever. It speaks truth to power and nobody can answer it, only try to ignore it or face that there’s a trillion dollar hoax underway and find out for themselves that there’s a massive conspiracy to stifle the truth in the leftist-controlled media, which has grown so unhinged that some are even blaming global warming on cow farts.

    Researchers conclude livestock have no detectable effect on climate (
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