One thought on “Do you believe global warming is causing extreme weather today?

  1. My reply:

    No, because the definition of extreme is so fluid that it can mean anything, plus those who try to predict the probability that global warming caused a specific extreme weather event always rely on computer models that have subroutines that make the atmospheric CO2 concentration influence surface temperatures, when the iron laws of thermodynamics rule that out. Further complications are higher population and better reporting. For example, if people didn’t insist on living in mountainous areas, they wouldn’t suffer so many tragedies from wildfires, and if U.S. environmentalists hadn’t stopped forest thinning, there wouldn’t be so much fuel to catch fire. There have always been what people call extreme weather events, but when it comes to super-cold spells, this just doesn’t jive with CO2 greenhouse warming, because it should cause winters to get milder and snow to disappear. Moose hockey about super-hot summers causing more moisture to go into the atmosphere that ends up as snow ignores the little problems of where all the cold comes from, plus how that moisture stays up there for seasons at a time before coming down.
    In short, extreme weather is not caused by global warming, it’s caused by extreme weather.
    Read my essay that disproves the CO2 greenhouse warming theory, as listed on my profile.
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