Can we reverse climate change by creating super air conditioners?

One thought on “Can we reverse climate change by creating super air conditioners?”

  1. My reply:

    Sorry, but all heat pumps and refrigerators are limited by the iron laws of thermodynamics to less than 100% efficiency, meaning an air conditioner on a window cools the room by sucking the heat out, but generates more heat than it removes, flushing it all outdoors and heating it up a little. A super air conditioner would generate super amounts of heat.

    Good news, the same iron laws of thermodynamics make it impossible for heat from an air conditioner to do more than heat the local surface before rising into space, and also make it impossible for CO2 in the atmosphere to act as a heat pump to send the heat back to the Earth’s surface. Hence CO2 greenhouse warming is a hoax and there’s no problem to fix. See my two cents worth on climate change article listed on my profile.

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