One thought on “It’s almost May and it’s snowing in Chicago; is this due to global warming?

  1. My reply:

    CO2 greenhouse warming is a hoax based on junk physics. If it snows in Chicago in late April that’s weather, not climate. Attempts to explain extreme cold using global warming are pretzel logic, and fail on several fronts, such as where does all that cold air come from if global temps are rising? Yes, when it’s winter in North America it’s summer in Australia, but how does moisture travel that far without falling along the way, but doesn’t it have to come from the local area, when it hasn’t been that warm but record cold since January? The polar vortex is not connected with global warming. The hoaxers don’t care. They jump to throw Occam’s Razor out the window in their eagerness to bilk trillions out of their dupes, but smart people aren’t buying what they’re selling. When snow disappears smart people might jump on their train, fat chance.

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