One thought on “What caused the medieval warming period and the mini ice age in Europe long before mankind had the ability to emit carbon dioxide in large volume?

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    Volcanoes can emit large quantities of carbon dioxide, but thinking that CO2 has anything to do with Earth’s surface temperature is a dead end. The Earth’s atmosphere is not a greenhouse but a gigantic chimney, continually removing solar heat from the surface and dumping it into outer space. The fact that the atmosphere has mass means it takes time to heat, hence it can only remove the surface heat at a certain rate, turning it into a gigantic leaky blanket that keeps the surface temperature within livable limits. The chemical composition of the atmosphere is irrelevant, CO2 included. The sick lying Trenberth diagram that shows T^4 arrows pointing up and downwith wattage labels is pure moose hockey, because the atmosphere smothers radiation and substitutes convection, so the only real arrows are going up. The Trenberth diagram almost looks like it’s for the Moon, with no atmosphere and all heat transferred via radiation, yet they claim that CO2 creates a dragon in the sky that radiates heat back to the surface, warming the climate relentlessly, not mentioning that there are only 4 CO2 molecules for every 10,000 oxygen-nitrogen molecules, causing any absorbed radiation to be quickly transferred via kinetic collisions and join the march to space.

    Radiation Budget Diagram for Earth’s Atmosphere (

    Sorry, but despite the gigantic globalist Marxist climate alarmist machine there is no dragon in the sky, and the CO2 concentration can increase to several times what it is now and the climate will be the same, but vegetation will thrive and green the planet to feed the teeming billions, which clearly the Marxists don’t want. Real changes in climate are caused by factors beyond human control, namely changes in solar radiation received in the upper atmosphere, and the fraction that makes it through to the surface to pump-prime the whole climate system. There are natural cycles that cause ice ages and warming periods. Does that answer your question?

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