One thought on “Are there any negative feedback loops that counter global warming (at a level that is not insignificant)?

  1. My reply:

    Thanks to CO2 greenhouse warming being a hoax, a question like this is mostly pointless. Why? Because after sunlight gets through the clouds, dust, haze, etc. and hits the surface and doesn’t immediately reflect or evaporate, the atmosphere wipes out radiation in favor of convection, continuously removing the heat and dumping it into outer space. I.e., there is no “radiative forcing” by CO2 – that’s a unicorn created out of byzantine mathematical equations by piker scientists that has no physical existence. The rest of the so-called negative feedbacks just cool the surface more, and can never heat it beyond what the Sun did. So the ridiculous hunt by so-called climate scientists for evidence of global warming is like the fabled search for a pony in the manure, sorry. Just like the search for Russian collusion by Trump, it’s a witch hunt with ulterior motives of a regime change of destroying capitalism and replacing it with global Marxism.

    Read my essay listed on my profile for proof that the CO2 greenhouse warming theory is moose hockey, and free your mind from the sick global warming mindset forever. Besides that, who but a tiny number of super-specialists is really interested in the intricacies of meteorology? The world has real problems, and wasting trillions to solve a fake problem is 180 degrees the wrong way to go. If we just spent the billions to power the world with nuclear energy, we’d even be able to er, weather a new ice age.

    TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change (

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