One thought on “What would it take for the average person to finally take global warming seriously?

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    What is the definition of a bigot? Answer: A person who can’t change their mind and won’t change the subject. The massive agitprop campaign by globalist Marxists to scare the public into giving up capitalism in the name of atoning for their supposed sins of emitting CO2 isn’t about reason or logic or even science, but emotion. There are unfortunately too many people who take the global warming hoax too seriously, especially outside the U.S., for example, Extinction Rebellion of Britain, who are engaging in sabotage of society to spread the irrational scare. Meanwhile there is no real global warming caused by CO2 because physics makes it impossible, and the hoaxers are framing it because the atmospheric level keeps rising steadily, allowing any freak weather to be blamed on it, while basic climate isn’t changing any more than natural variation would indicate. When freak cold weather happens, the hoaxers start babbling nonsense because they’re you know whats. (
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