One thought on “How glaciers retreat cause global warming?

  1. My reply:

    Questions like this show no knowledge of science or history. Look at the Wiki article about the Ordovician Period, when the atmospheric CO2 concentration was 4,400 ppm (vs. 400 ppm today), yet there was a million-year ice age centered in the Sahara that caused mass extinction. Of course, glacier retreat can’t cause global warming, more likely the other way around. The thing you need to understand from this is that CO2 can’t cause global warming either, and the CO2 greenhouse warming narrative is the greatest scientific hoax of our era, created by evil global Marxists as a scapegoat to extort trillions from the world to harm and end the fossil fuel industry and capitalism along with it so they can build their illusory Marxist utopia on its ashes. They’ve long hijacked mainline scientific organizations to push their hoax, including NASA and NOAA. Such is the power of the globalist Marxists centered in the U.N. and its IPCC, which is nothing but a gigantic criminal octopus with unlimited ambitions. Don’t fall for it. Keep tight hold of your money.

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