One thought on “Why, when presented with factual evidence, do people still dismiss climate change?

  1. My reply:

    What factual evidence? A bad forest fire, hurricane, cold spell? We had that back before CO2 levels were considered an issue, for example, the super-hot 1930s. Factual evidence of climate change rather than mere extreme weather would be year after year of temperatures way above or below the historical norms, with, for example, no snow in the winter, or snow all summer.
    This has never happened, sorry. Instead, there has long been an insidious evil globalist Marxist conspiracy to hijack scientific organizations in the name of slaying the false dragon of CO2 by destroying the fossil fuel industry and all of capitalism with it, so they can attain their real goal of a Marxist utopia built on the ashes. Sorry, but the best NASA, NOAA et al. can do to twist historical temperature data results in a claimed 0.8C of global warming since 1880, not enough to notice except with computers, and highly suspect of being bogus
    The evil intentions and ulterior motives are shown by automatic dismissal of safe workable nuclear energy as the alternative to fossil fuels in favor of unworkable renewable energy, and a plethora of overhyped alarmist articles claiming that plants, animals, and insects, even coral are already suffering severe effects from the microscopic claimed warming, as if they used computers too, are unable to adapt to gradual changes, and have 100+-year lifespans to boot. Too bad, for the Marxists, outside the core anti-U.S. U.N. countries, which know the real game of steal the U.S. blind, intelligent people aren’t buying it, especially Pres. Trump, who is appointing a panel to investigate the true situation.

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