One thought on “Other than being an inconvenience to humans why is global warming something to fear and try to prevent? Our planet has survived many other periods of warming and cooling. Are humans being self-centered?”

  1. My reply:

    I wish I could disagree with you, but I can’t. If the whole world could magically be transformed to have the weather of Hawaii, who wouldn’t rejoice? Too bad, it’s all about money and power ever since the evil insidious globalist Marxist U.N. IPCC hijacked scientific organizations in their mad plan to destroy the fossil fuel industry and capitalism to foist a Marxist utopia on the world, causing a flood of questionable supposedly scientific papers and pulp agitprop articles claiming that the tiny bit of claimed warming so far (0.8C since 1880) has already caused numerous horror stories, and that the 1.5C point will be a tipping point leading to global Armageddon. As if Nature can’t adapt like before. It’s far easier to adapt to a warmer climate than a colder one, since animals can lose fur and fat, and learn to pig out on the lusher flora and fauna and not overeat :). When climate gets warmer, humans have always prospered not suffered.

    This 0.8/1.5C stuff is double moose hockey, first because there is no way to measure global temperature in the first place, it’s all based skimpy data and statistics churned out by computers that nothing in Nature can even feel, and second because these dudes have been framing CO2 as driving global warming when only the Sun causes climate, and only if we could increase its output could we cause real global warming. But in that case the IPCC can’t bilk trillions of dollars to save us from it, can they? And capitalism won’t have to be replaced, will it?

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