One thought on “Will snow become a thing of the past because of global warming?”

  1. My reply:

    Yes, if there really were global warming, winters would be snow-free. Too bad, there’s been no real global warming, and instead we’ve been seeing record snowfalls, so the U.N. IPCC octopus that pushes the global warming hoax has had to work overtime to hand-wave the facts away in the face of record atmospheric CO2 levels. Some have actually claimed that record snowfalls are caused by global warming 🙂

    Record Snowfall Across Himalayas Blamed On … Global Warming (

    CO2 is a virtual second Sun in the sky that warms the Earth’s surface? What happens to all that CO2 during cold spells? Does it freeze and fall to the ground as dry ice? 🙂 Clearly, the CO2 greenhouse warming theory has some big problems, and doesn’t jive with reality. And don’t blame me, I’m just the messenger.

    January–February 2019 North American cold wave – Wikipedia (
    More than 200 million Americans will see snow, rain, ice or a wintry mix (
    Rare Snow Storm Hits Los Angeles (
    Weather Picture of the Day : DESERT SNOW IN ARIZONA (
    Record SNOWFALL in Hawaii | PSI Intl (
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    ‘Snownado’ touches down on Navajo reservation (

    Look up the Ordovician Period on Wikipedia and find out that there was once a million-year ice age while atmospheric CO2 was 11x what it is today. Imagine the IPCC trying to hand-wave that away for a million years 🙂

    Ordovician – Wikipedia (

    No surprise, new satellite data has recently forced NASA to admit that global warming is going at a rate of only 1.5C per century, not way above that at an Armageddon clip like the IPCC octopus has been claiming. Tell AOC that she’s going to die of old age before it happens and not just be turning 40 and trying to look 30.

    New Satellite Data Confirm Real World Temperature Cooler Than Climate Models (
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the problematic framing of the 12-year global warming deadline (

    Real physics isn’t a political football for the U.N. Anybody can learn why the iron laws of thermodynamics destroy the CO2 greenhouse warming theory and expose it as a scientific hoax with political-economic and social engineering motivations.

    TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change (

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