One thought on “Is carbon really causing the rise in earth’s temperature?

  1. Ever found out that you’ve been lied to? And just to get into your wallet? Take the evil insidious globalist Marxist U.N. IPCC hydra that has hijacked the world’s scientific organizations and governments for instance. “Carbon pollution” really sounds bad, doesn’t it? Too bad, real carbon pollution would be SOOT in the atmosphere, which would COOL the Earth’s surface, not warm it. They’re not talking about carbon (C), or even poisonous carbon monoxide (CO), but carbon dioxide (CO2), a clear safe clean green life-sustaining food for plants, cynically attempting to frame it as evil because no matter how hard the fossil fuel industry tries to eliminate real pollutants, it will still emit CO2, and the total atmospheric concentration has been steadily rising from 300 ppm to 400 ppm, so putting two and two together and getting three they want to frame CO2 in order to shut the fossil fuel industry down completely. And substitute it with what, safe nuclear energy? No, unworkable unreliable unsustainable solar and wind power. Meanwhile there are signs of a coming ice age, meaning that a world dependent on wind and solar would starve and freeze. (
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    Wake up and smell the odorless carbon dioxide. CO2 has no power to send heat removed from the surface by convection and radiation back to the surface. It’s just part of the atmosphere that removes surface heat deposited by the Sun and vents it harmlessly to space. 14.7 pounds per square inch means something real. If a balloon filled with CO2 were to somehow absorb so much surface radiation that it grew red-hot, that would only cause it to become lighter and rise to space faster, taking all that heat with it. Never can it land back on earth without shedding its heat first, and that heat would be absorbed by the surrounding oxygen and nitrogen molecules and continue its rise to space. Even an H-bomb exploded on the Earth’s surface does its hot work fast, and the heat is soon vented up into space like everything else.

    So Earth’s atmosphere is a giant chimney, not a greenhouse. The fact that convection interferes with and absorbs radiation, and is slower than radiation is what makes the atmosphere a blanket, not the miniscule CO2 fraction in it. With no atmosphere, heat could only be removed by pure radiation like on the Moon, which suffers temperature extremes unlike the Earth, whose atmosphere moderates the swings and makes the surface livable. Don’t fix something that ain’t broke. Leave the climate alone and rejoice if it gets warmer and life becomes more comfortable. Worry only about a coming ice age, when we will need all the fossil fuels we can get.

    I’m dumber than a what? Sorry, I’m a physics freak from way back when most of you were probably not born yet. How about you? Do you know as much physics as a 5th grader? I can explain to you why the CO2 greenhouse warming theory is a hoax based on junk physics that relies on the public being full of physics ignoramuses while the scientists rake in the big bucks for their organizations and the U.N. for ulterior purposes that have nothing to do with science but globalist Marxism.

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