One thought on “How are animals affected by climate change?

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    Ever hear of the theory of Darwinian evolution? Animals adapt to climate change. The existence of polar bears, penguins, walruses, etc., shows how well this has worked, n’est ce pas? If climate changes again, ditto will happen. Too bad, the insidious globalist Marxist U.N. IPCC has long been pushing the CO2 greenhouse warming hoax, and hijacking scientific organizations to scare the world into coughing up billions and trillions to either atone for it or stop it.

    Only socialism can solve global warming crisis say Communists (

    Good news: There’s nothing to stop. There is no global warming, despite a plethora of so-called scientific articles and paprs blaming climate change for all kinds of dire consequences to flora and fauna, even maple syrup. This is seen to be prostituted bunk when the actual claimed global warming is only 0.8C since 1880. No plant or animal could even sense such a small statistical computer-generated quantity much less need to adapt to it. The temperature rises and falls more than this daily in just minutes. Show me an animal with an Apple watch that records and compiles yearly average temperature then reads it out in animal language so they can suddenly freak and overreact 🙂 The prostituted alarmist articles and papers all have another more likely explanation, e.g., famine/overpopulation, predators, human incursion/pollution.

    World of Change: Global Temperatures (

    Here’s one recent example. The hoaxer community pushed a narrative about starving polar bears caused by guess what global warming, which turned out to be bunk.

    If You Are An Alarmist, You Will Find This Report UNBEARABLE! | PSI Intl (

    Recently David Attenborough tried to claim that some walruses jumped off a cliff because of their frustration with climate change, when actually they were scared by some polar bears.
    Why Attenborough’s Walrus Claims Are Fake. (

    Another hoax was that global warming was causing coral bleaching and threatening the existence of the Great Barrier Reef. Actually, bleaching happens in a natural cycle and coral always recovers naturally.

    After El Nino Bleaching, Coral Reefs Now Recovering | PSI Intl (
    Want more? For funners, here’s my growing list of climate alarmist agitprop articles, all promulgated with the open or concealed goal of supporting IPCC’s long-range plan of destroying
    capitalism and foisting world Marxism and its slavery on the entire human race. One day these articles will hopefully be treated as jokes.

    TLW’s Climate Alarmistscope™, by T.L. Winslow (TLW), “The Historyscoper”™ (

    Sometimes I wish climate change were real and is being caused by our basic primal life gas CO2. Too bad, climate is caused by the Sun and the galactic forces acting upon it, and CO2 has nothing to do with it. Physics makes it impossible for atmospheric CO2 to send heat back to the surface and become a second Sun. That’s a hoax perpetrated by the IPCC hydra for power and greed.

    See my proof at: TLW’s Two Cents Worth on Climate Change (

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